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Static websites entitle you to present and promote your brand, services or products in a most economical, professional and effective manner.


Professional Design

We focus on website design services to grow your business online. Our expert team uses advanced technology to get your website development. We understand your goals & requirements and provide the best solution which expedites the outcome.


W3C Validation

Having a standard-compliant code is best for web designing. We always produce W3C validated websites which result in easy access and usage to the users. Web standards are designed to deliver the long term viability to the website and error-free user experience.


Fully Responsive

We create a responsive design for your website which will work on all kinds of devices and screen resolutions. We use CSS3 & HTML5 to make it more customizable, also it will automatically fit into every screen resolution as per the device without any hindrance.


Custom Templates

We prepare custom website templates that accommodate the goal, and an imperative brand presence, which makes your business more interactive and attractive. It is the combination of learning and understanding about your business.


SEO Optimized

We design and develop your website in an SEO friendly manner so that it can be indexed on the first page of the search result. It ultimately results in increase in traffic and first page rankings.


Content Writing

Content marketing is necessary because it is attached to your brand. Our team writes one of the most innovative and visionary contents for your website which makes you an expert in your field to your potential customers.


Mobile Compatible

Websites which we produce are easy to use and it automatically delivers the content on the gadget or device of the user, irrespective of the size and resolutions of the screen.


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Static Web Design Services

Fast Page Loading Speed

Whether a static or dynamic website, the one key influencer of your SEO rankings can be page loading speed. Needless to say, the lower the page loading time, the better. In today’s digital-centric world, page loading time is creating more impact than you can ever imagine. We will give you four reasons why fast page loading matters.

First Impression

A visitor arrives at your website in the hope of acquiring relevant information, and what he gets; a page loading slowly. Today people are more impatient than ever, and rightly so for a reason.

With all the connectivity and technology available, there should be no reason for slow page loading time. While you may have the fanciest graphics, Gifs, and animation, it would be of no use if the page loading time is very high.

According to the 2018 Google report, 53% of mobile users leave the site if the website does not load in three seconds. If you care about customer acquisition and customer retention, then your page loading time needs to be between 2 – 3 seconds.


A website with near-instant page loading appears to be more professional. No questions about that. You don’t want your website to appear more like a startup that has the gas to run for just a few days. Slow websites, on the other hand, tend to make people believe that they are unreliable, unsafe and deserved to be exited at the earliest.

Kills Conversions

Let’s just say that a user has been patient enough to ignore the initial high page loading.  We will even believe that he has managed to add products into the carts despite the very frustrating experience. Now comes the checkout moment. One single extra second delay, and then your visitor is bound to click the dreaded red-coloured X button on the browser, and deservingly so.

According to kissmetrics, 40% of traffic will not tolerate more than seconds for page loading time. So out of 100,000 monthly visitors, the slow speed can make you lose out nearly 40000 traffic. That’s an insane number.

Want to know even more insane facts about slow page loading time?

Amazon conducted a test and came to the conclusion that would be likely to lose nearly $1.6 billion revenue if their site loading time delays by just one second. Of course, such high revenue loss is predicted due to the large no. of traffic Amazon receives on a daily basis. 

However, the message here is not to underestimate your page loading time even if it gets delayed by one second. If the customers are not willing to give a one-second delay to Amazon; which is the epitome of an E-commerce business, why would they give a second consideration to your website?

Why choose HireSEOExperts for Website Design Services, Website Development Services?

There are numerous factors that must be dealt with in order to have a fast loading time. The most important is to compress the images, without degrading their pixel quality. Other important On-Page SEO includes the lies of compressing the CSS and JSS files. These files require care in handling.  

A little bit of code damaged, and it becomes very time-consuming to rectify them. This is where we stand apart from the rest of the IT services. Our Website Design and Development Services provide quick and budget-friendly Website Design.

Search Engine Friendly Navigation

The last decade has witnessed a staggering rise in Internet traffic. The Internet has completely revolutionized the way through which we access information. Cashing on the big opportunity of traffic, millions of websites have erupted over the years providing valuable information to serve nearly 3.5 billion searches on Google.

In the initial days, SEO was pretty easy. However, over the years, Google and other search engines have refined their algorithms to a great extent so that searchers are provided with the best websites that are likely to answer their queries.

Coming to 2018, gaining the search engine’s attention is far from easy. It takes real quality content to get the attention of them and the On-Page SEO technical skills need to be very high to even get the initial traffic.

Why Site navigation is important for user experience?

While your website may serve a lot of information, it is vitally important to categorize them perfectly. Categorizing them perfectly allows the user to locate your content and therefore helps in engagement.

If you have ever questioned why do you have to go deep down into the hierarchy for your most important gun while playing an FPS game, then you would understand the importance of feasible navigation.

The way to highlight the importance of certain links is to make them accessible.

So how do we know that a link is easily accessible?

If you are arousing the interest of a user revolving around certain traffic, and not placing a relevant link in that post, then you are essentially making it harder for the user to find it.

A typical example of a good site architecture involves all the links interlinked easily with one another, probably within a couple of clicks.

The analogy of crawler with the user!

It is absolutely a must to consider the user experience. If the users are able to navigate around your website easily, then the crawler would also be able to do so. If you believe that your site architecture needs complete revamping, then simply let us know and we will point out the corrections that will increase interlink ability and therefore engagement.

Why HireSEOExperts for Website Design Services in Jaipur, India?

It is an inarguable fact that every website design and development should be designed according to the trending SEO factors. For web development, it is important to design the site architecture accordingly. While there is no right or wrong site architecture, certain hierarchy makes it easy for the crawlers to navigate the whole website within minutes.

At HireSEOExperts, we have acquired plenty of experience over the years for developing websites that are search engine friendly. One of the key aspects of an SEO-friendly website is easy navigation, both for the crawlers as well as for humans. If your website is not getting the required traffic it deserves, there could be an issue of navigation problem in the site architecture. 

Whether your site is newly launched, or the one with thousands of pages, our team will rectify the site navigation problems for the user and for the crawler too.

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