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Top 10 SEO Trends in 2020 That You Should Know

SEO or search engine optimization is a way of getting traffic on web portals. SEO holds importance for both the users and the Websites. The users are able to find a vast amount of information for their keywords. Along with this, it is a great promotion tool for different websites too. Some of the recent trends regarding SEO that are flourishing in the market are as follows:

Reliability to voice search:

In this era, the individual is very busy with their profession and requires an assistant that listens to their commands and functions in according to manner.  The device that functions by the voice commands of the users attracts them the most. With the use of this feature the consumers are free to give the command to their device and can rely on them for the completion of the task. This is the easiest, fast and effective medium of getting a task completed.

User-focused optimization:

The users are the key focus of every organization. The companies these days are more focused on the concerns of the consumers. They try to set their search optimization according to the preferences of the consumers. In this manner, the companies are able to attract a large pool of markets and can flourish their business in new areas.

High-quality content

Content is the soul of SEO. With high quality and feasible content, the websites are able to attract the concerns of the users. The consumers are highly inclined towards good quality and effective content. The content must be revolving around the topic and should be covering all the aspects of the web portals.

 The impact of videos

After Google, the search engine that is most widely used by the User’s, YouTube, the reason being users is more attracted to videos. This is a fascinating and effective way of searching and is a great source of entertainment. Hence in 2020, the trend of video searching is increasing at a rapid pace.


Goodwill and reputation are the essences of SEO. The users try to visit the portals that are highly authentic and have a great name in the market. It is believed that portals with the good brand names will be included with a high quality of content and will assist in resolving the key concerns of the users. Therefore good brand name and reputation are a big mark of SEO in 2020.

Boosting the writing creativity

It is very well known that writing or content is the key part of SEO. In 2019, it is observed that simple and non-functional content often distract users from their path. By writing smart and attractive content the users can be attracted to the portal. In 2020 more focus should be exerted towards the vocabulary and the word power of the users.

Page loading time

Reducing the page loading time is the goal of the web developers form many years and it will be continued in 2020. A number of technologies are developed that can help the web developers in improving the speed of searching and moving between the portals. High-speed functioning in this area will help in enhancing the stability of SEO.

The emergence of new search engines

In this new period, the need for a privacy-safe search engine is increasing. It is being crucial for the developers to develop new search engines that can help in providing a new area or new market to users that they can explore. This will help in enhancing unbiased searching and will benefit both the users and the SEO companies.

Mobile SEO

The users these days are more comfortable to function with their mobile phones. As this provides them the feasibility to function at any time and anywhere. Hence in 2020 the trend of mobile SEO is increasing. Developers are more dedicated to building sites that can be easily operated through mobile phones.

Zero- click search

Accessing the zero-click searching is becoming a new trend of this age. It is a smart key to SEO and will yield high traffic on the website. This approach is increasing its viability in 2020.

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