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Develop Brand Awareness (Followers)

Our social media marketing team can help you reach the heights of your business. They will create engaging and share-worthy content for your target audience that will cover all of the social media platforms and will emerge the presence and reputation of your business.

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Build Relationships (Engagement)

A connection is directly proportional to Engagement. When you maintain a connection with your audience through the posts we help you increase their engagement in forms of likes, comments and share on your social media platforms.

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Increasing Website Exposure (Traffic)

Our experts will focus on developing social media advertising campaigns that will get a major volume of traffic to your website. An increase in website traffic will directly impact the conversion rate of potential visitors into customers.

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Wide Range of

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

There is no doubt that when it comes to the social media market, Facebook enjoys the lion share of it. Facebook receives nearly three billion visits per month from all corners of the world. And you are likely to find your relevant audiences here.

Facebook has been witnessing an inexorable rise in its users and this is why businesses need to advertise themselves in order to create better engagement with the people. So why opt for Facebook marketing services?

Free for the most part: –

Facebook allows businesses to achieve a very cost-effective business promotion strategy. You may not believe but starting a personalized business page on Facebook costs $0. Similarly, there is zero cost for creating a group, polls and other engaging things.

User interaction: –

A common denominator for the success of any brand lies in consumer interaction. Facebook truly allows it. Users can share photos and videos to share their experiences.

Cost-effective paid campaign: –

To achieve a significant no. of impressions and clicks, Facebook does allow paid campaigns that redirect significant traffic to your website. This is especially helpful if you are a start-up with a limited budget. The cost of Facebook paid- campaigns are truly cost-effective.

Understanding your audience behavior: –

Facebook’s insights tool sheds tremendous light on the behavior of the user and accordingly, you can curate your marketing strategies on Facebook.

Subscription: –

When users subscribe to your groups or page, they get immediate notification about the new information that you share on FB. Imagine having millions of subscribers commenting about your new post. Wouldn’t that would create an engagement?

Direct call: –

Just like the Google search results, your FB page will also display the contact number to the mobile traffic. By tapping on the number, customers can directly get in touch with you.

Track your competitor: –

If there is one thing that is immensely needed to outrank your competitor, it is tracking and analyzing them. Facebook marketing allows you to do that with just a couple of clicks.

And lastly, getting organic SEO improvements

Traffic from social media plays a significant role in getting your SEO rankings. Facebook traffic is given prominent importance by Google and other search engines.

Suitable for all niches

Facebook enjoys wide demography from across the globe. Whatever your business niche is, you can easily target them on this platform.

Why Rewathi for Facebook marketing Services?

The tricks to acquiring traffic from Facebook has evolved significantly over a period of years. Creating groups, pages, relevant content, maximizing the sharing, getting more likes and shares calls for a tech-savvy devotion. And our team is driven by such innovative challenges which bring leads to our clients. Once you have acquired enough traction from Facebook, you are likely to sustain and thrive on the momentum of traffic solely from your website.

Instagram Marketing Services

When it comes to creating engagement, photos, videos, and GIFs top the charts. There is absolutely no question about their ability to drive traffic to your website. If there is one platform, that has notched- up the relevant traffic solely from the images, Instagram by far is miles ahead than others. We will give you five compelling reasons to drive your presence on Instagram.

Too many millennials: –

There rarely is any product or service that does not serve the millennials in some or the other way. There are nearly 800 million active users and 34% of them are millennials. A dedicated Instagram strategy is all you need to bring in more leads that soar up your revenues. Instagram is also the preferred platform for many businesses that sponsor content through the millennials.

Tracking your competitors: –

You can get to know about the new things from your competitor from Instagram. The kind of posts, the time of sharing and their engagement level can all be tracked and analyzed in detail.

More Engagement than Facebook: –

This might shock you but even with ten times less traffic than Facebook, Instagram creates 10 times more engagement. Many people might now know that Instagram was started as an app. Hence its layout has always been neat, decluttered and highly relevant to the user, which is why it produces great engagement.

Perfect for niches likes food, home décor, entertainment industry: –

If your niche lies in any of these industries, then Instagram can give you traffic beyond your wildest dream. Built solely for interaction fused with the images, it only makes sense to market your niche on Instagram when the primary luring factors of your products/ services are the pictures itself. Food and home décor pictures can get massive engagements on Instagram beyond your wildest dreams.

Using images on other platforms: –

Just like Pinterest, you can share your images from Instagram on the other social media platforms. This saves you plenty of time.

Why Rewathi for Instagram Marketing Services?

Having the perfect platform does not give enough leverage to yield craziest results. A creative strategy centered around your relevant demography is what you need in order to outdo your competitor on Instagram.

We at Rewathi are driven by challenges to engage audiences with quality graphics, gifs, and animated video, that immensely upscale your visibility in other avenues of digital marketing realm. Our Instagram marketing services are cost-effective and result oriented.

Twitter Marketing Services

When it comes to marketing, sometimes less is more! And Twitter is the perfect social media outlet to market your product in a few words only. Humans are more impatient than ever. Their attention span is decreasing day and day and they crave instant gratification. Twitter is a level playing field for all marketers in order to grab the attention of the prospects with just a few words.

Still not sure about Twitter Marketing services? We will brief you with six compelling reasons for marketing your business on Twitter.

Low CPC rate: –

It’s no secret that Twitter has nearly ten times less audience than Facebook on a daily basis. However, that disadvantage can be utilized in the form of Low CPC rates advantage.

On Twitter, you can literally buy clicks literally for pennies, which otherwise would cost a sizable budget on the likes of Facebook and Instagram. So if you have a limited budget, then Twitter marketing can be your best bet.

Targeting: –

When it comes to targeting your prospects, Twitter is extremely good at it. On Twitter, you can promote your tweet to people by just knowing their twitter handle, whereas on Facebook you need to have an email address or phone number of your prospects to whom you want to pitch your advertisement. Now that’s a big stumbling block on Facebook ad campaigning. Isn’t it? Tailored audiences are extremely easy to build on Twitter.

The ability to retarget the hashtags is also a creative way for marketers to capture engagement for fields like entertainment, technology, and especially politics.

But that’s not all. Twitter allows you to pitch your tweets to only those audiences who engaged with your recent Twitter. Talk about reaching the audiences who have the strongest possibility of converting into leads. This is a gem of an advertisement feature that only Twitter provides.

Twitter is cheap compared to other forms of digital advertising: –

Whether it is Video marketing, content curation, and marketing or Facebook ads campaign, Twitter offers an extremely budget-friendly solution for your marketing needs. While Twitter does not enjoy traffic like Facebook or YouTube, it still yields gives you access to highly tailored customers that have the strongest interests in your products and services.

Why Rewathi for Twitter Marketing Services?

Staying abreast of the latest Twitter marketing tactics takes some serious appetite for marketing. Optimizing the Tweets to convey your message within limited words is an art itself that can save you a lot of money. So are you contemplating Twitter marketing? Do you need a helping hand on how we would approach the marketing for your particular business on Twitter? Then give us a call.

Pinterest Marketing Services

If there is one social media platform that really allows you to steer away quality traffic from its platform to your own website and blog, it is Pinterest. With an average of 10 million unique visitors, your potential prospects are surely roaming on Pinterest. And it offers accelerated growth of traffic on your website.

You might have heard that Pinterest marketing is only good when you have a wedding or room decor product. There are many advantages of Pinterest overall. We will list a few of them.

Faster conversion rates: –

As compared to other social media outlets, interested prospects can quickly buy your product. It is important to strike when the iron is hot! A user sees your product’s image on Pinterest, he clicks on it and arrives at your website’s buying page. That’s how fast it is for buyers on Pinterest.

Drive a lot of traffic: –

There is no denying that the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter do not like their traffic to be steered away, even if the traffic is leaving to visit more relevant items, such as the buying page. And this has caused little to no profits for people who advertised organically on Facebook day and night. Pinterest, on the other hand, does not shy away in its traffic getting steered away, for the right reasons!

Traffic: –

Pinterest currently enjoys more than 250 million active monthly users. Are you sure that you do not want to advertise on such a platform? It is used by people of all ages, gender, and sizes. And more importantly, reputed data shows that 40% of Pinterest people have incomes above $100,000 USD. Therefore, Pinterest traffic does have the budget to buy your products and services at ease.

Get to know the likings of people: –

Want to know what products the people are into? Simply check out their pins and you will get to know their likes and preferences. What could be easier than to know about your audience’s preferences and then curate content around it? You can check on the pins of any user on Pinterest.

Why Rewathi for Pinterest marketing Services?

Pinterest has acquired massive visitors and reputation over the years and therefore, familiarizing with the best marketing tactics on Pinterest is not everyone’s cup of tea. At Rewathi, we make sure to get a huge sum of relevant traffic for our clients through our creative pins.

Linkedin Marketing Services

Linkedin has become the new hub of marketing in the digital realm. It helps the businesses to engage with very high quality and relevant traffic. Although the platform is primarily aimed for the employers and employees, it offers a galore of opportunity for the businesses to speak volumes about their products and services.

When it comes to jump-starting the presence of your businesses, rarely is another platform that provides a level playing opportunity by making quality connections. We are listing down 5 compelling reasons for you to opt for LinkedIn marketing services.

Quality impressions: –

It’s one thing to gain exposure in front of thousands of people while massively significant to come in the top searches of LinkedIn. Individuals on such a highly valued platform carry forward-thinking and are likely to accept and share ideas that serve the society. This is where LinkedIn stands apart from the likes of FB, Twitter, and Instagram. You get to engage with high-quality people that are solely there to engage in creative ideas.

Reflecting your accomplishments: –

People on LinkedIn values achievements. If you would like to differentiate your businesses from your competitors in terms of certificates, accreditations, and achievements, then LinkedIn is the place to be.

Initiating powerful, creative and innovative ideas: –

LinkedIn offers you a very focused-premium group of people who are there to reflect their qualitative and quantitative analysis of new vision and ideas. This can immensely help in gaining insights about your businesses that will ultimately help you in acquiring more leads and conversions.

Acquiring top talents: –

There is a serious dearth of the top talent in every field. A startup needs to acquire the top-notch talent in order to compete and scale their businesses. LinkedIn offers you plenty of it.

Indirect word – of mouth- marketing: –

When there are millions of likeminded individuals, word- of- mouth publicity is an evitable benefit. According to reports, LinkedIn has 630 million active users. A ton of publicity will ultimately filter down to your relevant audiences who are not on LinkedIn.

Why Rewathi for LinkedIn Marketing Services?

When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, we stay abreast of the trending and cost-effective marketing campaign that has a very chance of lead conversions. Whether it is making quality engagements or connecting with a key influencer of your industry, we do it all for your business.

Content Development and Distribution

We are living in an era which is infused with information and promotion. According to the reputed studies, nearly 78% of the consumers prefer articles, blogs over ads for familiarizing themselves with the products and services. And this is why creating and curating content presents a plethora of lead conversions along with brand reputation management. If you love information, then we will give you five reasons to contemplate for content development and distribution services


Content development is quite cost-effective with respect to video development and traditional print media but it surely does not lack the efficacy. The use of right words can be powerful to persuade the audiences into buying your products and services.

No prejudices

While it doesn’t serve any real benefit, people from all walks of life tend to suffer from many prejudices, such as skin color, race, ethnicities, religion, physical and emotional attributes of the content developer and what not. Content in the textual form rarely provides any reason for people to judge the content curator apart from the basis of merits of the content.


Getting information from the video and images can be quite exhausting for people at certain times of the day. Content in textual information is easy to digest for most people at any time of the day. In fact, most people have the habit of immediately reading content upon waking up.

Benefits Search Engine Optimization

There is a widely believed notion that content development and marketing forms 95% chunk of SEO today. And it is true. The fastest way of acquiring more traffic is probably through high-quality content only. And the rewards of SEO are enormous both in the short and long term. Having a lot of onsite and offsite blogs can get you tons of traffic and lead conversions.

Allows for creating content to remain evergreen by modifying and updates

Content in the form of images and video are not feasible to modifications later on. And this is why you will find that a ton of evergreen content is always in the form of textual form as the content can be updated.

Why Opt for Rewathi’s Content Development and Distribution Services?

Merely creating more content does not yield any result, especially if doesn’t add any value to the clients. And this is why creating, curating the relevant content is extremely crucial. Needless to say but creating informative and relevant content with the data and researches, does require an immense amount of devotion. And this is where our team stands out from the other content developers.

Reporting and Analysis

When it comes to analyzing the market trends and efficacy of social media marketing, a lot of tools and exhausting research are needed. We at Rewathi provides our reporting and analysis services which give tremendous insights for opting the adopting a particular social media marketing strategy. Before committing a hefty investment and resources, we will give a few reasons for using the reporting and analysis services.

Time and energy: –

Both are valuable. Given the time and era in which we are living today, it would be appalling to not do the required research before committing to a particular digital marketing strategy. With frequent refining of the algorithm and inclusion of the AI, months can pass by before you start to gain some traction for your website. Choosing the trending strategy can save time, energy and money too.


Finding the right strategy for your digital marketing solutions requires the usage of plenty of online tools, such as the likes of keyword research tools, analytical tools along with manual researches. These tools come at a significant price. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource the reporting and analysis work to a reputed team that can help you to sort out the relevant strategies and data in nearly 1/10th of the cost.

Why Rewathi for reporting and analysis?

At Rewathi, thousands of keywords are searched every day. A dozen digital marketing strategies are contemplated on a regular basis and a plethora of content is both developed and curated every hour. This makes sense that we do the research and analysis as our in-house team has all the right tools and resources for creating a detailed report about the various aspects of digital marketing for your particular business.

Our research team can give you in-depth analysis about your niches, such as the competition factor, the approximate time taken to acquire leads for break-even, and the most engaging social media strategy and other budgeted digital marketing solutions.


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