Advanced SEO Services for 2020

Content is probably the king of the website. We help you create the content which is more SEO optimized and user-friendly.


ON Page SEO Services

Our content writing team will do it for you so that your website crawls all the important keywords and they all get indexed in Google, in order to reflect your website on the first page of the search result.

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OFF Page SEO Services

When you have us, you have the experts working for you. Our team will do every necessary effort to get your website SEO optimized. All of the backlinks and word of mouth referrals will comprise it.

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Technical SEO Services

Our technical SEO team will optimize your website as per the search engine access in order to interpret, crawl and index your website without any issue.

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Wide Range of

SEO Services

Organic SEO Services

Organic SEO Services is a method used by websites to get higher rankings in search results without paid services. This is an unpaid service that enables your website to get recognized by the algorithm-driven search results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The techniques used in organic SEO include Writing high-quality content, backlinking, boosting keywords, etc.

As compared to pay per click marketing, Organic SEO Services is time-consuming because as the name suggests, it’s organic. So, even if you wanted to do this, you might not have the time or expertise. On the other hand, we have an experienced tech team that has the time and expertise to make your website stand-out using Our High Quality SEO Services. The results of the same are long-lasting with a one-time investment.

As always, there is a way around this time-consuming process which can be achieved with methods called Blackhat SEO. It might give you traction for a short period of time but as the name suggests, this method can affect your website negatively. It can get your site to lose credibility and get banned by the search engine.

What are The Advantages of Organic SEO Services?

  • You don’t have to pay for each website click unlike paid listing services.
  • Long-lasting search engine rankings.
  • Cost-effective solutions for generating traffic.
  • Greater trust is built among the users.

Our Plan of Action

Relevant content writing for your website – 

Checking and creating content that services the purpose when viewers reach the web page.

Increasing Page Views and Lead Generation- 

Spreading page links for an increase in viewership as more the page views, higher is the ranking in organic search results.

Keyword research for web pages

Improving the visibility of the website by adding relevant keywords.

Tags in web pages

Adding tags such as title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags, etc. to your website to make it more relevant in search engine results.

Why Full Website SEO Audit Required?

An SEO audit gives you an insight into the performance of your website, individual pages, and overall traffic. This enables the website to improve its performance. How often should an SEO audit be done? On a regular basis if your website drives in heavy traffic. But a small website doesn’t need a regular and detailed audit. It is advised that you do the audit at the beginning of a new project and then at the beginning of every new quarter.

Our Plan of Action

Technical SEO Audit

We perform an audit to check if your website is visible and accessible to users on search engines. Secondly, we address any issues that are causing search engines trouble in crawling your website.

On-Page SEO Audit

This includes auditing individual pages to check if they are written and structured to support the main idea of the website or not. This makes sure your website is giving the right signals to the search engine.

Content SEO Audit

Your website should be SEO friendly. We perform audit to examine if the website content is understood by search engines and is serving the purpose of its existence.

Off-page SEO Audit

We review your link profile for toxic links that might be affecting your ranking. Also, checking how trusted your website is, followed by your social media presence. This doesn’t directly affect your ranking but surely increases your visibility on the internet.

Competitive Analysis

Your competitors can help you understand what you can do better on your website to get better results.

Keyword Research Analysis

We will make sure that the right keywords are being targeted and suggest more keywords that can benefit your website’s performance.

Website Structure Audit

Search engines love structured websites. We will review your website and provide recommendations to make it more structured.


What is the Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is the best way to understand where you stand on the road to success. Accessing your competition can determine your strengths and weaknesses and also your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. What else? It also can give you ideas on how to improve the website and perform better on search engines. Our experienced team does a 360-degree analysis of your competitors online and gives a deep insight for improvement.

Our Plan of Action

Identify Your Competitors

The first step to analysis is identifying your competition. With our expertise and experience, we are loaded with the best tools to identify the competitors in your field.

Traffic Analysis

Analyzing the flow of traffic of your competitors can determine how well is your website performing. This will push you to level up your game on the internet and we are here to help you do just that.

SEO Analysis

SEO competitive analysis gives you insight into your competitor’s tactics. Our analysis will tell you what keywords your competitor is targeting and if they are doing it right. What online marketing strategies they are using and how are they converting their traffic into leads.

Content Analysis

Get to know what content your competitors are using to get results. This helps you understand what type of content that gets traction and accordingly, you can alter your content to improve the website performance.

Finally, Once the competitor analysis is complete you get a clear picture of where your website stands, what steps you need to take, how much time you require for the same and the estimated cost of the desired results. Only the experienced players know how to play the game and win! Let us help you score high on in the market and beat your competitors.


Why Keyword Analysis Important.?

Keyword research and analysis is important for a successful SEO campaign as it directly impacts ROI. Though it is a time-consuming process, it lays a strong foundation for your website’s presence on the web. Therefore, you need to ask a few questions before you get into researching keywords:

What are your viewers searching for?
How many people are searching for it?
In what layout does the audience want that information?

Keyword analysis makes sure that your keywords answer these questions and are relevant to the services/ products provided by the website. During analyzing your website, we consider issues like your target market, geographical limitations, age group of your audience and the services and products you offer.

Our plan of action

Discovering Keywords

What are the keyword categories we cover to determine effective keywords?

  • Generic Keywords
  • Comparison based Keywords
  • Product and Brand specific Keywords
  • Geo Combination Keywords
  • Call to Action Specific Keywords
Keywords by Competitor

After compiling the keywords, we analyze your competitor’s keywords and prioritize high-volume keywords that they aren’t using.

The various tools used by our experts in keyword research are:
  • Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
  • Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker
  • Google search-based keyword tool
  • Google Trends
  • Wordpot Free Keyword Tool
  • NicheBot Classic
  • Google Insights for Search

Targeting the wrong keywords can result in inviting wrong visitors to your website, which will hamper the performance of your business by reducing the conversion rate. Therefore, we assist you with in-depth research and analysis of keywords that will enrich your website’s performance and increase the ROI.

How Content Analysis Play a Vital Role.?

Content is the only information any search engine uses to understand what the website is about and hence, shows the information in the search results. This makes content the most important part of optimizing your website. Good content is one that persuades the visitors to click on the result.

Our Plan of Action for Content Analysis

The top content issues that can affect your sire’s SEO is found in

  • Titles
  • Mets descriptions
  • Headings
  • Images

Titles are the most important tag as they are the face of your website in a search result. Therefore, while analyzing the title, there are a few things we check:

  • Are the titles formatted correctly?
  • Are the lengths of the titles okay?
  • Are the subtitles attractive yet relevant?

Meta descriptions are the descriptions that appear below the title in the search results, therefore making them also important for your website. We make sure that

  • Your webpages have unique captions that explain them accurately and attract attention
  • Each meta title is not more than 60 characters which makes it completely visible in the results.

Headlines help structure the webpages. Hence, making it easier to read and comprehend. The main points during analysis are

  • How are the headlines structured?
  • Determining the hierarchy of the headlines as


    , etc.

Images are often neglected but they sum up to be an important part of SEO. Therefore, while analysis your website content we also check the images.

  • If the images are too big they increase the page loading speed, hence, affecting the ranking.
  • Do the images have a description? Google and other search engines can only read the text, therefore image descriptions or ALT text are important.
  • If the ALT text is there, is it correct or not?

Media/Images Optimization

Did you know, that images contribute to your website’s SEO? The usage of images in your blog or website is inevitable. Because an image speaks more than words, it can surely spice up the content, thus, making it more attractive.

Our plan of action

  • It is always recommended to use images as they make the content more appealing. You might not always find the appropriate image but using relevant images is of great importance as it conveys a lot about your website. We make sure that the images chosen aren’t just for fulfilling the SEO content analysis but also is related to the content that is displayed on that page.
  • Once the image is chosen, we work on optimizing the same. This includes choosing the right file image. This is because search engines can’t read an image, but only text. Therefore, the file name helps the search engine to know what the image is about. For example, you are posting an image of a dog and the file name is DO13454.jpg. The ideal name for the image would be a-god-playing-with-ball.
  • Next step is to choose the right format for the image. As per the requirement, you can use a JPEG, png or WebP format.
  • The image size can impact the loading time of the website. You might upload a large size image which would get resized to a smaller one. Though the image display size may change, that doesn’t mean that the file size also changes. It remains the same. Hence, resize the image to how to want it to be displayed.
  • Use captions for the images used in the articles. This is because, when people scroll down the page, they look for headings, instead of reading whole paragraphs. Therefore, this will make your article more reader-friendly.

We are well-versed with the various techniques to optimize media that helps improve your website SEO.


On-Page Optimization

Do you want to optimize your website to drive more traffic? If yes, then On-page optimization is the key. On-page optimization is the first step to SEO and we offer services that will help increase your website’s readability and also rank better in search engines.

An Optimized Page Stands Out in Ways Like,

  • The content is of high-quality
  • The website design is of high-quality
  • The page is browser and device responsive
  • Easy navigation
  • Right keywords are targeted

Our Plan of Action

Page titles plan an important role in on-page optimization. We ensure that the titles are crisp, accurate and easily connect the viewers to the brand.

Meta tags and descriptions require relevant keywords for search engines to find your website easily. We do thorough keyword research to make sure your website is listed in relevant searches.

URL Structure Search engine friendly URLs are good for your website. Concise and easy-to-read URLs are found to be ranked higher. We structure the links in the best possible way to make it easily sharable and also create better user experience.

The user-friendly content is the key to creating an impact on visitors. We are well versed with the major Google algorithm updates that enable us to create appropriate content for your website. Hence, making your website content is unique and contains the relevant keywords to connect with the visitors.

Benefits of On Page optimization

On-page SEO, when done correctly, increases the ROI by bringing high traffic and delivering conversions. With the online businesses increasing, it helps your users find you easily and engage in your services.

Off Page Optimization

For a company to establish itself online, its website is the key. Though a well-designed website is applauded but it doesn’t guarantee the growth and increase in your sales rate. You need to market your website in order to achieve that and off-page optimization helps you do just that. We guarantee that the techniques we use are legitimate and will help you achieve your goal.

Our Action Plan

Link Building

Link building the most important way of generating traffic and scoring a higher rank on search engines. But which website links are the best to use? Government and educational websites, sites that come in the top-ranking are the best to put in your links.

Blog Setup

Search engines are known to love websites that create fresh content constantly. Hence, having a blog with regular blog posts can help generate more traffic. We will help you create a blog and also suggest you ways to make it more effective.

Press Release

Press release is a way to let the world know that you exist. And we understand its importance for the growth of your website. Hence, we can help you spread the news.

Social Media Optimization

Today, social media marks the relevance and presence of a brand online. Therefore, having a good presence on social media can help your website generate more leads and improve your online presence.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience on optimizing websites, we can guide you on how to make your website rank high and generate good leads.seo-toolsseo-tools-we-use

Uniquely Valuable Content

What can content do to help your business grow online? If focused on the right keywords it can have great impact on growing your traffic. The added benefit is that it is more likely to convert the visitors into leads. Now, spreading keywords randomly across your webpage isn’t appreciated by Google. It might get you ranked initially but then later it might also get your website penalized. 

Our Plan of Action

Keyword Research is a vital step in order to create content that is rewarding. It also enables you to understand what keywords your competitors are using and hence, this can help you target the right keywords. With the expertise and knowledge of SEO, we give you the best results for keyword research.

Writing with Keywords in Mind

After researching keywords, the next is to write content with those keywords. What happens if you do Keyword stuffing? Like mentioned before, this can get your website penalized and even ranked lower. We know what is the correct density of keywords to be used and hence, we can help write amazing SEO content.

Writing lengthy posts is one way to make your content more informative and also, Google favours longer articles. This is because the crawlers have more content to analyze and rank properly. We are loaded with amazing writers who are trained to write great keyword-rich content for your website, therefore, you are in good hands.

Using Short-head Keywords and Long-tail Keywords

Which keywords are more effective? Long-tail keywords are easy to target and are very specific as they are used by users to find something specific. These keywords don’t have much competition but the results are short-lived. Unlike these, short-head keywords are difficult to target as they cover a wide net. But if you establish yourself using these you will receive great results for in the longer-run.

We are here to make your website not just rank high but increase your ROI by using rich keywords and making great content.



Coding Analysis 

Did you know, search engines pick up ranking signals from your website’s coding elements? Therefore, analyzing your website’s coding is as important as the other aspects of SEO success. For this, you need someone who has expertise in coding and that’s where we come in. We are blessed with amazing coding geeks who can examine your website’s coding and suggest changes that can help you rank better in search engines.

Our Plan of Action

CSS/ HTML titles are like book names that help the search engine identify what the webpage is about. The better formulated and more descriptive title, more impactful your webpage will be. 

Meta description tags aren’t a ranking factor but it sure does enhance the ranking of the website. It actually is the display factor that makes your website look good when it appears on the search results.

Structured data like the meta descriptions are not a ranking factor but is surely the success factor. Structured coding can make it easier for search engines to crawl and understand the details of the content.

Header tags are behind-the-scenes codes that are made to identify headings of different sections of the webpage or article. Search engines take these as clues for what your page is about. While performing SEO audits, coding has proven to be an important aspect to improve a website’s performance. We can help you by understanding what’s wrong, what’s right and what isn’t working for your website and how can it be changed.



Reputation Management

 A bad reputation can hinder the performance of your website in the online space. Why is an online reputation so important? It is because it creates the identity of your brand to a potential audience. A bad reputation can make viewers lose their trust in you and eventually, you will lose the viewers.

Reputation management is the process of controlling the content and brand presence. We help you create a brand that speaks positively about you and creates a good perception among the viewers.

Our plan of action

Build and manage reputation

We help you build an online reputation and manage it by controlling online dialogues. This results in your brand gaining more traction and hence, you achieve your goal of reaching out to more and relevant customers over time.

Recover online reputation

As an experienced player in Digital Marketing, we help you retrieve your lost reputation on social media and other platforms which will lead to getting back your following and attracting more new customers. We help you fix the damage.

Online Reputation Monitoring

We engage in monitoring the online presence that helps you build your credibility and popularity. We devise strategies that will enhance your presence and therefore, result in profit for your company.

Removing Negative Comments

For your brand to flourish online, it is important to get rid of negative comments and unnecessary content that is hampering your identity. We help you by removing the wrong feedback by customers and putting your best face forward by adding positive content.

Develop a Positive Reputation

To sell, you need to look good on the internet. Hence, our services try to create a positive reputation for your website and social platform.

SEO Tools Analytics and Reporting

Want to know why your viewers aren’t converting into leads? Our SEO analytics and reporting strategies can enable you to increase turnover. This can help you analyse who is visiting your website, what do they do once they arrive, what are the characteristics of the ones that buy and what changes can boost your website’s ROI.

Our plan of action

Identifying the objectives and the KPIs of your website is the first step. This helps us measure the goals while going forward and give a better understanding on how visitors are engaging with your website.

Measuring performance through analytics software such as Google Analytics which enables advanced measurement reports.

Web analytics provides vital insights that give direction on refining the website design, landing pages and event payment processes.

After measuring the data, you can understand your website’s level of performance and identify new opportunities for growth. We will help you craft content and other marketing communication to deliver maximum output.

We carry out regular reporting on all your digital marketing campaigns so that you can know if your money is being spent appropriately and creating leads.



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