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Reach and engage your audience with imperative ads that seize the attention and drive results.


Full Service PPC Management

We offer a complete solution to your requirements for PPC management services. We execute successful PPC campaigns. We have a team of experts who ensures that all ad campaigns run successfully without any error.


Google Shopping Campaigns

We formulate shopping campaigns to promote your business online. Ads in Shopping campaigns show users a photo of your product, title, price, store name, and more to get an increased amount of potential leads.


Facebook and Social PPC

It is always efficient to use more methods to increase exposure and enhance the traffic to your site. We built the social media campaigns that turn the visitors into the customer which obtains the additional value and interest to your brand.


Remarketing Campaigns

It is an effective technique that ensures the connection with your potential customers. It's an efficient way through which the visitors are more likely to get converted into customers which drives results in your business.


Programmatic Display Ads

Programmatic marketing ensures that you reach your targeted audience with a more precise and specific context. Our team works on programmatic display ads that engage the audience and grabs more attention from the customers.


AdWords Audit

Our software and team services offer an AdWords audit in which we evaluate the effectiveness of the AdWords used. We also identify the issues and the areas where it needs to be improved to get you more results from the marketing budget.


PPC Tuneup

If not looking for the full PPC management service, then also you can reach us for the PPC Tuneup services. In this, we rebuilt or optimize your existing AdWord campaigns. We'll diagnose and even develop strategies that can gain more potential results.


PPC For Ecommerce

Our Ecommerce PPC service team will research all your products PPC keywords to find out the most profitable keyword opportunities for your website. This will ensure more quality traffic to your website.

Wide Range of

PPC / Adwords Management​ Services

Google AdWords

Over the years, Google has stamped its authority for providing relevant information to the searchers. And this is why it enjoys the lion’s share of the market today. Considering its traffic, which is nearly 3.5 billion searches every day, it makes every bit of sense to advertise on the Google network. So if you are still doubting the ROI and leads from Google Ad Campaign, then we will give you six compelling reasons.

Notches up your SEO: –

SEO does take a year at least in order to bring its efficacy for your niche; but you can shorten the time period significantly by spending cautiously on the Google Ad Campaign. By bringing in relevant traffic for particular keywords, you can improve your SEO dramatically, by capitalizing on the initial traffic acquisition!

No minimum investment: –

You can familiarize yourself with the efficacy of the Google AdWords platform without investing a bulk of your marketing budget. Unlike in print media, where you have to pay high upfront fees, you can spend peanuts on forecasting the outcome.

High conversion rates: –

There is irrefutable evidence that shows that Paid traffic gets converted into the conversions much more easily than the organic traffic. Organic traffic is great; in fact, it is needed for SEO. However, if your business relies heavily on the conversions, then Google AdWords can help you massively.

More engaging: –

Who said that paid ads can’t be luring enough to get click on? Google has been constantly experimenting in the last couple of years to make their ads more click-worthy and engaging. Ads on Bing and AOL networks usually do not have the same appeal as the ones on Google.

Extremely Flexible: –

You can target your ads to the relevant traffic to the very granular extent. But that’s not all. With the help of ad extensions, you can even allow the searchers to initiate a chat with you right from the SERP results.

Massive Eco-System: –

Google has built a very engaging and reliable Eco-system in the products such as Gmail and YouTube which also enjoy lion shares of the market in their respective services. With Google AdWords, you will enjoy reaching the relevant traffic on those platforms too.

Cost-effective with effective ROI

Google earned a staggering $79.38 billion from advertising revenues. This only shows that whatever your niche may be; the prospects are searching for your products and services on the Google network.

Why Rewathi for Google AdWords?

When it comes to optimizing your ads to increase the impressions, clicks on a stricter budget, we are very skilled at it. Our upfront and maintenance charges are nominal. We have stayed abreast of the dynamic factors of Google AdWords which has helped our clients in more customer acquisition and organic traffic. If you are dealing in a very competitive niche, then you need a curated effort so that every penny spent on Google advertising gains traction for your business. State your requirements and we will let you know of the best approach for Google Adwords marketing.

Facebook Ads

Facebook welcomes over a billion visits every month. As a business owner, you simply cannot ignore the wide presence of different demography on Facebook. Its ad campaign is budget-  friendly and helps you to pitch your advertisement in front of potential targets of tens of thousands of people. If you are still doubting about the efficacy of Facebook ads, then we will shed more light on it in the following points.

Too much time: –

People spend a ton of time on Facebook. Some use it to read the newsfeed about their interests, while others use it to browse the profiles of their crushes. Doesn’t really matter though! The fact of the matter is that people spend time a ton of time on it. Stats show that posts (including videos, photos and comments) on Facebook receives nearly four million likes every minute. This is a staggering amount and shows that people are addicted to Facebook to spend nearly an hour on it, each day.

Mobile traffic: –

Facebook’s addicted and decluttered layout is the perfect reason for people to spend hours on it every day. Mobile traffic has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, and the trend is likely to rise even at a severe rate. It’s not hard to decipher that your potential targets are accessing Facebook from their mobile devices at odd hours.

Snowball effect: –

Because of the presence of such wide demography, a valuable content can easily achieve a snowball effect through likes, shares, and comments. Such snowball effect is rarely achieved on any other social media platform.

Presence of the influencers: –

When we talk about the big names of every industry, most of them have a large fan following, especially on FB. Yes, they are available on the likes of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but FB is the one where they really gathered quality traffic. You can always reach out to them and make your product or service viral in just a matter of minutes.

Targeed traffic:

If your business is location – oriented, then there is no better social platform that allows you to pitch your advertisement to the targeted traffic like Facebook. You get to target according to the place, gender, at specific times of the day.

Why Rewathi for Facebook Ad Campaign?

Ad – campaigns on Facebook can cost you a sizable budget, if you do not optimize your posts in the set up process. At Rewathi, we offer budget- friendly FB Ad Campaigning services. We curate top notch content, infographics and even videos and then pitch your advertisements to a narrowed selection of potential targets, which gets you maximum leads and conversions. We perform A/B testing in order to understand the relevancy of the ads.

Bing / Yahoo PPC

While it is true that Google enjoys the lion shares of the market for search engine, running a paid campaign on the likes of Yahoo and Bing can yield you healthy leads and conversions.

Consider this, Google process nearly a billion searches every day. Now compared to it, Yahoo and Bing share only 15% of the market share. But that 15% could still get you plenty of leads. Here is why.

Simultaneous display on three platforms: –

Microsoft which owns Bing, now also owns Yahoo and AOL. So if you create an ad for one platform, then it would be shown on the other two as well. This gives a tremendous advantage over demographic reach and no. of impressions.

More character limit for description: –

Who doesn’t like more words to pitch for their advertisements? But Google AdWords only 35 characters to display on your ads whereas Bing allows 71 characters; double of what’s allowed on Google. This is a very compelling reason to advertise on Bing.

Less Competition and cheaper Cost Per Click rates: –

Expect to pay nearly half of the CPC price for advertising on Bing and Yahoo than on Google. While the traffic acquired from Bing and AOL may not be highly relevant like in the case of Google traffic, but it can still yield sufficient leads and conversions.

Demographic targeting: –

You get immense control to set the demography control. The ability to target the audience of a particular age range and gender from a specific country helps to acquire highly relevant traffic. Besides that, you can also assign different ad campaigns to a multitude of time zones.

Reaching the untapped market: –

Data from the reputed sources show that Bing ads reach nearly 63 million users that Google AdWords doesn’t reach. These stats make a lot of sense to pitch your advertisements on the Bing search engine. Another statistic shows that Bing reaches 33% of U.S. Consumers. So if you are trying to acquire traffic from the U.S, there is no reason to not advertise ads on Bing PPC network.

Better Social extensions: –

Bing shows relevant information from Twitter and a few other social media platforms like the no. of followers. Google, on the other hand, shows only Google Plus, which is defunct now.

Can import campaign: –

Most advertisers already have their campaign set up on Google AdWords. So if you are trying to create a new one on Bing, you can simply import the existing campaign from AdWords. No need for recreating it.

Why Rewathi for Yahoo/ Bing PPC campaign?

While Bing and Yahoo may offer you less traffic, it still can yield appreciable no. of leads and customers for your business. However, time and again we have seen that your ads require a lot of tweaking in order to expand the reach and impressions. Being professionals, we are well abreast of the trending requirements to achieve that. Our budget-friendly and resulted oriented PPC campaigns will help you in acquiring more traffic. Just state your requirements. We are available on weekends too!

PPC Remarketing

Remarketing is a powerful technique to convert familiar prospects into buyers. PPC remarketing over the years is proven to deliver an astounding success rate. One of the most popular PPC engines is Google which serves nearly four billion queries a day. Needless to say, when it comes to PPC remarketing, Google should be your preferred platform. While it is normal to have some apprehensions about investing in PPC remarketing, we will list out a few compelling reasons to opt for it.

People do like it: –

The first and foremost reason to go for remarketing is that people actually like it. According to CMO, nearly 25% of visitors show a positive response upon seeing the product’s ads that they had previously searched for.

Users don’t need to be on your website: –

The main advantage of remarketing is that the users do not have to be on your website. They could be surfing anywhere on the web. As long as the other website is displaying ads from the Google networks, which is a widely used PPC remarketing platform, the traffic will be able to see your ads if they have previously shown interest in them.

Increased sales and conversions: –

According to a reputed study, only 2% of traffic gets converted into conversions. The goal is to bring back 98% of traffic. You would be surprised to know that the retargeted traffic is likely to convert into buyers by 70%.

Cost-effective for PPC compared to remarketing on social media and email marketing: –

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 92% of marketers found more success with PPC than with email marketing or social media remarketing.

There is no reason for not opting PPC remarketing

All the above stats clearly reflect that PPC remarketing yields positive results for almost all niches. And with the globalization of the internet, people are influenced more by remarketing ads rather than by the ads which appear on print media. Plus, remarketing only works in the digital realm. Interesting prospects on the print media are rare to retrieve later on.

Why Rewathi for PPC Remarketing?

PPC Remarketing can be extremely expensive if the demography is not chosen wisely. Our PPC remarketing services help to retrieve qualified traffic who abandoned the shopping carts, contact, application forms, and other things.

If you have a product or service that requires extended research from users before purchasing it, then our PPC remarketing will immensely help you. Our PPC remarketing tactics have proven efficacy in domains like real estate, dental, medical services, technology products, travels, and hotel industry, and for consumer goods like shoes, clothing, and jewelry.

Let us know your bespoke PPC remarketing requirements, and we will provide you with a tailored approach for the optimized results.

 Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search campaigns offer a host of advantages. They pitch your ads to extremely relevant people and acquires insane traffic within a short amount of time. This helps in earning brand loyalty and exposure. We will brief on six compelling reasons to opt for paid advertising.

Increases inbound traffic: –

Whether you own your website or a blog, running a paid campaign on any platform can give you a ton of inbound traffic. This traffic can be earned through a variety of strategic tactics also if you are extravagant about the budget, then there is no better alternative to quick inbound traffic from paid campaigns.

More relevant traffic: –

Almost every paid campaign utilizes AI in order to target high-quality traffic. This traffic acquisition is probably the most interesting prospects for purchasing your products and services. E-commerce sites receive plenty of clicks from paid advertising on search engines and social media platforms.

Apart from that, search engines also have negative keyword functionality which helps in preventing unqualified traffic and wasting your budget.

Improves your Organic SEO: –

There is no doubt that paid clicks on your website can increase your organic SEO too. Google and other search engines take into account the traffic acquired from paid campaigns of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and etc.

If you are running an organic SEO, Great! And if you are primarily focusing on paid campaigns, then be assured that your Organic rankings will improve too. However, for that to occur, it is imperative to have a low bounce rate.

Best for Local Searches: –

You can even laser focus your demography to a certain city or state which immensely helps your brand to get recognition and leads.

Most of the small organizations and startups often rely upon the positive response from their local area. Paid advertising is often the fastest way of acquiring local traffic. Google, FB, and other platforms show nearby results that are nearby to your location. You can acquire this highly qualified traffic with ease from paid advertising.

Identifying the mistakes: –

The plethora of data for analysis allows you to gain insights into a paid advertising campaign in your industry. The key metrics for acquiring the traffic can be evaluated which helps to create a more formidable strategy for paid advertising.

Why Rewathi for Paid Advertising?

Contrary to popular belief, a paid advertising campaign need not be expensive. In fact, with tweaks and optimization, your paid campaign could be more affordable and cost-effective in the long run. And more importantly is to identify the right set of keywords and post appropriate content at the right time, that gets the traffic. Such tasks could rarely be automated with intelligence.

Once you let us know your campaign requirements, we can create a tailored approach in order to maximize your brand exposure, loyalty, inbound traffic, and leads. We have been doing this for a decade and have stayed abreast of innovate marketing tactics. Get in touch with us. We are available on weekends too!

Social Advertising

Social media campaigning inarguably gives you wide demography to target. There is plenty of versatile strategies that your social media campaigns, both free and paid, allows you to do. In today’s scenario, more than 78% of businesses, dedicate a team solely for optimizing their social media campaigning.

More and more organizations are acknowledging the staggering no. of prospects that are roaming on social media. However, when it comes to leveraging its advantages, things aren’t pretty straight forward and often requiring multiple A/B testing.

Therefore, getting leads and conversions often boils down to strategic planning. Although doing free campaigning on your own would certainly yield some brand following, if you want to gain a competitive edge, you need an in-depth analysis of your social media prospects which will outrank your competitors.

So what needs to be tackled for effective social media campaigning?

Relevant traffic: –

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest although it enjoys millions of users, targeting the relevant traffic on them is not a straight forward process. While paid campaigns can always give exposure to your brand to highly relevant people, it does require a sizable capital at upfront.

Deciphering the sentiments of your interested traffic takes requires familiarization of your product. Therefore, while outsourcing your social media campaigning, make sure that the company does understand the essence of your products and services.

Engagement: –

While there is certainly is no set benchmark for your social media posts, they need to be aesthetic, appealing and informative to your audiences. Too much informative content without the aesthetic appeal will not gather engagement, whereas an emphasis on the appeal with quality information will not reflect your authoritativeness in your particular domain.

Remember by appearing authoritative, you earn the trust of your followers which results in the snowball effect. Another important aspect of engagement is replying on time without beating around the bush. The idea of diluting the customer’s complaint through irrelevant talks is only going to cause a backfire.

Steering the traffic: –

While you may think that it is easy to steer away quality traffic from Facebook, our experience says otherwise. We have found that only Pinterest and YouTube are generous which allows you to steer away quality traffic onto your website.

So either you spend a dime on paid social media campaigns or decode techniques to get quality traffic. This is where reputed social media campaigners stand apart from others. They acquire quality traffic from Facebook through free campaigns.

Enhancing reputation or breaking them: –

Needless to say but social media has a fair share of people who won’t spare a moment to spread vitriol. The use of the right words and sentiments associated with the need to be such that they do not allow any mischievous spread of hatred and false information. Unfortunately, all these efforts cannot really be automated.

Why Rewathi for Social Advertising?

We stay abreast of the various brand-building techniques on the different social media platforms. We love the fact that different strata of society can be targeted on different platforms. This allows us to earn maximum leads for our clients. Want to notch- up your inbound traffic and sales? Then let us know your requirements in detail.

Video Advertising

Never in the time of marketing has video marketing been so budget-friendly which can achieve thousands of views in just minutes. Videos are inarguably the most powerful way of conveying the essence of your brand, products, and services. Whether you are a startup or well established corporate, video marketing can help you acquire more ROI than any other form of marketing. We will give you six must reason to opt for video marketing.

People are consuming it heavily: –

Data from the reputed studies shows that people consume nearly 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day. This only means that your prospects are clearly digesting a lot of video content on a daily basis.

Free platforms: –

Creating a video can be cost-effective. However, a decade ago, hosting a video was extremely costly but today, there is no dearth of free platforms such as YouTube, Daily Motion which enjoy staggering traffic.

Another thing to be noted is that your videos need not have a high marketing budget, as long they are able to convey the usefulness of the product. Content is all that matters!

Excellent Conversions: –

Video marketing has proven to be effective for conversions. More than 83% of businesses say that video marketing has helped them to earn a significant return on their investments. According to Diode Digital, video marketing is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.

The fact is that people are more impatient than ever before and therefore, they want to consume more information with instant gratification.

Rise of smartphones and mobile traffic: –

Mobile traffic along with the no. of smartphones is surging at an exponential rate which suggests that people on the move are searching more for the information. Data shows that by 2019, 80% of Internet traffic will comprise of Videos only.

Videos can not only be informative but entertaining as well. And this is why people on the move are willing to consume it. Content which stirs up the emotions compels the viewers to share them with their friends and family.

Helps you in the SEO: –

Since Google owns YouTube, therefore it does present results from it in the SERPs. So in order to notch up your SEO rankings, you can always create more engaging videos with relevant information and then steer away from the traffic from YouTube to your website, blog.

Traffic steering from YouTube has been more effective than from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Why Rewathi for Video Marketing?

In all our years, we have observed that relevancy in videos is the number one reason for achieving views and conversions. And this is where we stand apart from the rest of the video curators and marketers. In order to induce that emotional chord with the audience, we come up with unique ideas for the marketing of varied niches. If you would like to acquire more information about our Video Marketing services, state your bespoke requirements and we will give you our budget-friendly Video curation and marketing proposals.

Display Advertising

Display advertising consists of using high-quality images, banners, HTML5 animations, buttons, videos, and rich media in order to create user engagement. Such images can be used in specifically designated areas of your landing page which significantly increases the clicks on Call to Action buttons.

It also includes relevant ads about your products onto other sites, which have collaborated with your publisher, for e.g. Google Ad network.

Why opt for Display Advertising?

Display Advertising is an important aspect of Remarketing, wherein ads are shown again to the users who have earlier shown interest. Display ads, therefore, have immense potential in boosting customer acquisition

One of the main advantages of Display Advertising is that your ads are shown to highly relevant traffic. This is achieved by the publisher through the use of Artificial Intelligence where they evaluate the likes and dislikes of traffic. Google receives nearly 3.5 billion search queries a day. And therefore it makes every bit of sense to opt for display advertising on Google Network since it has the potential to reach nearly 90% Internet traffic.

Other Networks

If you really want to maximize your customer acquisition and brand building, then Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram constitute the rest of the traffic apart from the Google network. These four networks have all sorts of audiences for your industry.

What factors need to be kept in mind for effective Display Advertising?

Once a user reaches your landing page by clicking the ad on the other website, then it is up to you to elicit a positive action from him. For this, we usually recommend creating highly aesthetic and relevant banners, HTML animations and even Gifs.

Needless to say, your landing page needs to be worthy enough to get a user’s response.

Consistency: –

The biggest challenge for converting the users into buyers is to maintain consistency across the images used for display advertising and landing pages. A combination of textual information and images is a good way to lure users. Plus, there should be minimal stages for the user to buy the products and services.

Why HireSEOExperts for Display Advertising?

Google which enjoys the lion’s share of the search engine market, places a strong emphasis on the relevance of the content. In order to arouse the interest of the visitor, it is important to convey the essence of your products/ services in the most simplistic and compelling manner.

We at HireSEOExperts, have always abode by simplicity and relevancy, which is why we have been able to achieve thousands of leads for our clients from varied niches.





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