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Get an engaging website design for your e-commerce venture. We incorporate shopping experience tools, content, and social media to promote brand identity online globally in no time.


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We include multiple payment gateways, location-specific tax rates, and shipping options. Also integrate simple and secure online transactions.


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We take it from the bottom line of your e-Business sky-high. Avail the top-notch e-Commerce development services of our proficient team at very affordable prices.


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Work with our expert team which creates high-performance, feature-rich shopping carts that drive conversions and revenue for the business.

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E-Commerce Website Development

E-commerce businesses are on the rise, and for a good reason. They have been a staggering success in the last couple of years and offer a feasible option both for retailers and consumers. The likes of Walmart, Amazon and Ali Baba inarguably enjoy the lion share of the E-commerce market and their websites have the benchmark very high for website development. So, if you are contemplating an E-commerce website development, there are few things you need to keep in mind.

Choosing the right platform: –

Your E-commerce website can be developed on numerous platforms. The likes of WordPress, PHP, Open Cart, and Magento are excellent options. So which platform you should opt for?

With more than a decade of experience in Website development, WordPress has gained our trust as a viable platform for creating an E-Commerce website. It offers no dearth of flexibility for creating complex functionalities and its SEO appeal to the search engines cannot be undervalued.

However, when it comes to scalability, feasibility, and multitasking, Magento ranks very high as the preferred platform for E-Commerce websites. It offers significantly high security as compared to WordPress.

Cart Design: –

Designing an efficient Cart Design is crucial. Users browse their favorite sections and add, subtract their desired items in the basket all the time. The cart should always reflect the updated items in every tab of the browser. Moreover, there should be a complete breakdown of the item along with taxes and delivery charges.

Fewer pages for checkout: –

Once a user is willing to make a purchase, there should be minimal steps for him to checkout. Overwhelming options of discount and other relevant items distracts the buyer and makes him less likely to buy anything from the site again. Therefore, the emphasis should be on a single-page process where users can instantly go to the checkout page without getting distracted.

Variety of Payment options: –

If you want to cater to a wide audience, you need to provide all possible payment options including the likes of PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoins in addition to credit/ debit cards of course. A ton of E-commerce sites is now even allowing purchase items on EMI. Many of them are also luring the customers with “Pay with cash” at the time of delivery.

SEO Automation: –

SEO will always be a key part of the success of your E-commerce website. However, providing some automation to the basic SEO will save a ton of your time. Imagine changing the SEO parameters of thousands of images on your own?

Why Rewathi for E-commerce Website Development?

We have been updating ourselves with the platforms like WordPress, Open Cart, Woo-Commerce, PHP and Magento. Our engineers know the trending functionalities that will not only make your site appealing but will also engage in some basic SEO automation, which will require less intervention from the users. So if you have any bespoke requirements, then you can let us know your requirements. We are available on weekends too!

Maintenance and Support

Running an E-commerce website requires an immense amount of resources, time and skills. Some of the major challenges associated with E-commerce support include the likes of source code auditing, maintaining an appreciable page loading time, compressing the necessary images, dealing with the security flaws in code and finding new ways to bring in more traffic. While you could handle all the above problems on your own, there are enough reasons why you should outsource the maintenance and Support of an E-commerce website.

Compressing the images: –

When it comes to E-commerce, the bulk of the content is in the form of images. Images although they can be engaging, often take up a lot of space and can often bring down the page loading time, which severely affects Google’s rankings.

Excellent support for E-commerce often means compressing the images to an appreciable extent without losing too much of pixels, while at the same time ensuring that the page loading time hovers around 2 – 3 seconds, which is the standard benchmark for an E-commerce website these days.

Code scanning: –

Our automated tools always check for the flaws in the source code. Search Engines often demote the sites from their SERPS as their source codes are not aligned with the W3C validation. Then there is also the need to check for the vulnerabilities in order to prevent hacking.

Protection: –

DDOS is a common form of bringing down your competitor’s website. Although illegal, the laws aren’t stringent in many parts of the globe, from where your competitors and ill – intent people can bring down your website within seconds. Such travesty will only cause tremendous loss of the sales along with a bad reputation.

Preventing downtime is crucial for an E-commerce website, especially if you are catering to audiences of different time zones. Our cloud fare solutions will make sure that the website will endure such attacks.

Accelerate your growth

Running an E-commerce website is far from easy. It requires immense human resources, energy and a lot of curated content. We believe that focusing on the relevant activities is paramount for the growth of an E-commerce website. By outsourcing the maintenance and support task to a reputed agency, you can channelize your time and energy which will bring in the results.

Why Rewathi for Maintenance and Support for your E-commerce websites?

Our website maintenance and support services are aimed to let you deal with the core activities of your E-commerce website such as product uploading, dealing with the retailer and bringing in relevant traffic. Our services are budget-friendly with years of experience for business support, chat support, email support, product listings and managing the complex back-end problems which often arise from time to time at the unexpected hours.

SEO Optimization

If there is any niche, that requires extensive SEO optimization, it the E-commerce industry. SEO is paramount for bringing in the relevant traffic. And the need of the hour these days is automation. But first of all, we would elaborate on the dire need for SEO optimization for your E-commerce website.

Site Architecture: –

It is extremely important to have friendly URLs along with the site architecture. The architecture is like having the right content inside the right folder of your website.

So why is Site Architecture important?

Search engines send their crawlers in order to navigate around your website. The right architecture allows them to get acquainted with your site easily and helps them to rank it for your desired keywords.

But keep in mind that this strategy is only important in the initial stages of your E-commerce website. Once your site has acquired the trust from Google, it analyses every bit of information on its own which is needed to rank your site for the particular keywords.

Image Alt Tag: –

E-commerce sites are inarguably image-centric. It is the image that actually serves as the clickbait for the user. While sharp, crisp images do look good, they can severely impact the page loading time of your website is a crucial ranking factor of search engines.

And this is why image optimization is imperative, especially using the image alt tags, which gives a brief idea about the image to the search engine.

Automation: –

For an E-commerce website, automation in meta title, meta description, image alt tags is much needed. Consider changing the above SEO parameters for tens of thousands of products on your site. That would consume an immense amount of time and human resources. SEO automation can be easily achieved which will allow such parameters to be changed with minimum intervention.

On-Page parameters: –

There is a host of On-page parameters that need to be sorted out before they start to hamper your SEO progress. One such parameter is the canonical version of your URL. There are six different ways for an individual to reach your website. However, you need to ensure that only one URL is browsable while the others redirect to this URL. Not doing this can severely distribute the link juices which you will acquire from the SEO. This will dilute your SEO rankings.

Headings and Sub-headings: –

SEO Optimization is all about relying less on Google to decipher your product and services and more about complying with its SEO parameters.

This is why it is important to have the H1, H2, H3 and all the relevant subheadings which help Google to understand your pages and posts.

Why Rewathi for SEO Optimization of E-commerce?

Rewathi can help your E-commerce to gain tractions in the SEO rankings with its superior SEO optimization. We take care of both front and back-end SEO difficulties along with Off-Page SEO, that really gains some traction for your website on Google and other search engines.


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