Custom Web Development

We build a website that is fully compatible with your business goals and benchmarks all your expectations.


Web Strategy & Consultation

Our designing team specializes in executing custom web development projects. Our team uses cutting-edge technology to customize it, which gives good results and an interactive web solution.


Web UX/UI Design

We design in a way that the web is user-friendly as well as we render all the visual and functional elements as per the user's point of view and your goals.


Responsive Website Design

We design your website that simply enables the browser to automatically resize images, texts, and fonts which is suitable for device irrespective of the size and the device, the user is using and switching.


Custom Web Application Development

You can count on us for Custom Web Application Development. Our development team will first understand your business features and prioritize them according to your expectations.

Wide Range of

Custom Web Development Services

WordPress Development

WordPress is inarguably the best Content Management System today. According to reputed surveys, it is running nearly 180 million websites. Not only it is budget-friendly but it offers a truly flexible platform where you can create complex functionalities for various industries. Needless to say but when it comes to Custom Website Development, WordPress is easily the preferred platform. If you are contemplating for a custom website development, then we would like to state few compelling reasons to opt for WordPress.

Dedicated to your needs : –

Custom built WordPress site will ensure that all the needs are catered to with ease. Be it related to uploading the content or managing it, customized WordPress website is sure shot way of enhancing the experience of your users.

Budget-Friendly : –

Custom web development is cheaper on WordPress than on any other platform. Since WordPress powers up nearly 60% of CMS websites around the globe. So there is a significant demand of WordPress, but more importantly, WordPress coding is easier to master and this is why there is no shortage of WordPress developers. The result is the cheaper costs of custom WordPress development.

Plugins : –

While custom WordPress development will usually include all the functionalities necessary for your site’s requirement, the availability of plugins make it easier to include functionalities if you like most website owners know nothing about the coding part. For other platforms, you would always have to approach the developer for including additional features and functionalities.

Security: –

With custom tweaks, your WordPress website could be made extremely secure. Such security measures might not be included in the readymade themes which are available on sites like Themeforest.

Customization: –

When it comes to customization of the existing features, no other platform offers so much ease like WordPress. Creating and restoring backups are also extremely easy to do on WordPress sites.

Why for custom WordPress Development?

In order to leverage the advantage of WordPress, skills and experience are needed. We at HireSEOExperts have created websites for different industries such as E-commerce, real estate, News, Online ticketing, bills and etc. Our custom WordPress development includes a lot of SEO automation which reduces the admin workload.

Our team is capable of WordPress customizations, WordPress Theme design and management, WordPress plugins and functionalities, WordPress API integrations, WordPress E-commerce designs and WordPress upgrades. We also provide services for WordPress support and maintenance.

Woo-Commerce Development

When it comes to the E-Commerce business, rarely do we get a free and an open-source platform like the Woo-commerce, that offers a multitude of flexible and out of the box features. Being an open-source platform, anyone has the right to modify the code and forward it.

It is like a WordPress plugin and has crossed more than 7 million downloads till now.

Who benefits most from Woo-Commerce?

If you are a store owner who wants to have easy control over the customizable digital sales platform, then Woo-commerce is the right choice for you. There is no dearth of free and powerful Woo-commerce plugins of various functionalities.

Woo-commerce theme Design and Development

We are not just the development team. We are perfectly capable of aesthetic designing of your Woo-Commerce website. Our UI/UX designers are will give the visual aspect to your Woo-commerce site that will help in attention-grabbing and engagement.

Responsive Woo-Commerce Theme development

If you want, we can create a theme that will be tailored to your website’s specific needs. It is cost-effective and includes PSD/AI/Sketch etc. to HTML conversions. We also customize the existing theme according to our client’s needs. Issues such as cross-browser functionality, logo design, and absolutely pixel-perfect web design services.

Extension and Plugin Development

There are at times when client-centric solutions are better provided through extensions and plugin. We specialize in coding custom extensions that provide the desired functionalities to the E-commerce store.


If you are planning to migrate your E-commerce site from another platform, then we can take care of the nitty-gritty so that the entire process is done in a glitch-free manner, with minimal downtime and no error whatsoever.

Upgrades and Support

The plugins, themes are often updated with the latest features and functionalities, which sometimes can be hard to deploy. Our full-time support services guarantee the reliable working of your E-commerce. The bugs and performance issues are dealt with immediate attention.

Conflict of Theme or of a plugin?

Themes and plugins in the woo-commerce can conflict with each other. However, identifying the core conflict requires the eye of a skillful Woo-Commerce developer and this is why we recommend gauging the skill level of the developer well before hiring them.

SEO- Friendly

And last not but least, our Woo-Commerce design and development include all the SEO-friendly practices such as ensuring automated Meta title and description, taking care of the canonical issues, applying redirects 301 and 302 wherever necessary.

Why HireSEOExperts for Woo-Commerce Development?

If you are contemplating to develop an E-commerce site on Woo-Commerce, we can give you many compelling reasons to opt for us. While the development of it is pretty straightforward, there are numerous challenges associated with Woo-Commerce development.

The most prominent problem is that the website might not be mobile-friendly. It is a challenging issue as most of the traffic is now coming in from the portable devices. Our Woo-Commerce design and development provide all-round services. Let us know your bespoke requirements. We are also available on the weekends.

OpenCart Development

If you are contemplating an E-commerce website, then there are a few platforms available for it. There is Magento, WordPress, and then there is OpenCart. While WordPress and Magento have tons of pros, OpenCart is a powerful and easy-to-use platform that can include all sorts of complex functionalities.

Easy for Development: –

Due to the MVC pattern, it is quite easy for developing extensions and customizing the Opencart, provided that the developer is skilled in PHP and MySQL.

Friendly dashboard: –

As an admin, all you want is an easy administrative dashboard that gives you easy access to all the features and functionalities. OpenCart gives you that just like the Shopify and PrestaShop. Needless to say, the menus are very straight forward and very user-friendly.

Tutorials, documentation and community support: –

The fact that there are millions of people working on OpenCart suggests its popularity as an E-commerce platform. There is no dearth of videos, blogs, forums, websites, communities that keeps the developer well informed about the latest developments and features.

Availability of free extensions and modules: –

If you want to create some functionality, then you may look for a module in the OpenCart. Some of the modules are even provided for free, while most of them start with a nominal $10. On the official OpenCart website, the modules available are reaching a staggering number of 1500.

Easier to make your site multi-language: –

The biggest challenge for an E-commerce site, in fact for any site, is to make it multi-language. Doing so in OpenCart is extremely easy, even if it is Right to Left or Left to Right. There are a lot of videos through which you can learn how to do it.

SEO-Friendly: –

A site, especially an E-commerce site needs to be SEO-friendly these days. While it is easier to have basic SEO parameters covered, some of it can be even automated, depending on the skill level of the developer. At HireSEOExperts, you will find developers who can create scripts that can help in the SEO.

SEO is imperative for an E-commerce website and OpenCart provides plenty of feasibility for it.

Magento vs OpenCart for E-commerce Development

Although, they both are open source platforms, working on OpenCart is a lot simpler than on Magento. There is no doubt about the security level provided in Magento, however, the developer needs to have a lot of skills in order to be familiar with all the features of it. Another thing that goes against Magento is that it consumes a lot of memory.

It is also true that currently, Magento enjoys more market as the preferred platform for an E-commerce site than Magento. However, as far as quality is concerned, both are on par.

Why HireSEOExperts for OpenCart Development?

It’s one thing to be abreast of the updates and features, and other things to deploy it into the new website. Our developers thrive on the ease, library, and functionalities of Open Cart and help to deploy.

Shopify Development

There are numerous reputed sources which suggest that E- commerce business is witnessing an unprecedented rise. Business Standard predicts that E- commerce business will see a 60% increase in revenue in the October 2019 month in India.

And this is why, there is growing need of reliable, robust and scalable E-commerce platform which promotes user engagement too. While there is WordPress, Magento, OpenCart and many other platforms, we would like to highlight the pros of Shopify.

Email Marketing
Analytical and Administrative Dashboard

Being an owner, you would be spending much of your time in the backend. Stuff like adding products, images and descriptions takes a ton of time. However, if they are not easy to do, then it takes a real toll on your enthusiasm to work on the platform.

This is where Shopify strong stands apart. Shopify has a really simple backend system that makes it easy to perform the administrative chores in short span of time compared to other platforms.

With Shopify, you get so much insights about the nature of your traffic. Every nitty gritty detail is displayed on the graphs inside the Analytical Dashboard from where you can analyze your strategy and modify it accordingly.

Integration with lots of Payment Gateways

Being an E-commerce, you need to serve all kind of payment gateway options. In other platforms, you would have to add a separate extension for each of the payment gateway option, but not with Shopify. With Shopify, you can add any payment gateway options with ease.

Dedicated support team

When it comes to Shopify, although the community is great and you will find tons of tutorials, videos, blogs and forums, there is a dedicated support team who will be resolve your matters with full professionalism. This is usually not the case with so many other platforms like WordPress and other Shopping cart systems.

Moreover, Shopify themselves encourage a strong developers and third party professionals. They even pay incentives to provide value to the platform. No other platform encourages growth and transparency like Shopify.

Worth Replacing your existing E-commerce platform to Shopify?

Absolutely yes. We could list out many reasons for it. You will get so many themes. For the payment option, you can have Stripe and Paypal integration. The platform is easily optimizable for the SEO. Plus, if you would like to expand your userbase, then email marketing with MailChimp would ease out your efforts.

Why HireSEOExperts for Shopify Development?

At HireSEOExperts, we firmly believe that being unique and highly relevant is imperative in today’s cut throat environment of E-Commerce business. While there are tools and functionalities available inside Shopify, the skills of the developer are more important.

With an E-commerce site, it is vitally important to stay updated with the current trends. And in order to forge a reputed impression onto your traffic, it is extremely important to get your site developed by experts only. Let us know your bespoke requirement for Shopify development, and we will give insights of our tailored approach towards your site.

Laravel PHP Framework

PHP enjoys no dearth of the frameworks these days. There is CakePHP, Code Igniter, Symfony, Yii 2, Phalcon and then there is Laravel. While PHP is one of the oldest web development languages, Laravel is one of the most popular and highly sought after framework to work on.

Even according to Google trends over the course of months, Laravel is clearly more popular than Symfony, Code Igniter, and even CakePHP framework.

Authentication and Authorization

The need for secure authorization and authentication is extremely important and the Laravel framework has it. Developers spent a lot of time in writing the authentication and authorization codes. Authentication has never been simpler than in Laravel 5. There is also an efficient packaging system that provides significant support in automation.

At HireSEOExperts, we usually use Laravel Debug bar and Laravel IDE helper as they provide immense acceleration in development. The implementation of the authorization techniques is very easy. And there is easy control access for the resources.

Events and Broadcasting

If your website requires streaming the real-time data and live feeds, then there is an easy concept for it in Laravel, which goes by the name of broadcasting.

MVC Support and Routing System

MVC allows for excellent performance, better documentation and has in-built functionalities. There is also the blade template engine that is used for adding the logic inside the views. The routing system is also good and provides flexibility and control to match the URL.

Highly Responsible Interface

There is a new feature added in the latest version of Laravel 5.5. It is like a class that can be returned by using the method. Artisan is the name of the new command-line interface and it includes assets, database migrations and lots of other helpful things for the developer.


While Laravel cannot provide any security to your server, its security cover does extend to a significant level to the passwords. They are saved as in the form of salt and hash, which essentially means that the password is not saved in the form of plain text.

Database Query Builder

With the help of a Database query builder, developers can easily provide a convenient interface that immensely helps in running the database queries.


Since Laravel is a highly popular framework, there is a large community available for it on forums, websites. There is no dearth of video tutorials and blogs that offer significant expertise for difficult functionalities.

Why HireSEOExperts for Laravel PHP Framework?

At HireSEOExperts, our developers have years of experience for crafting websites on the Laravel framework. They stay abreast of the latest development in the Laravel framework which allows them to include even more versatility and dynamic functionalities into the website of various niches.

Our team has designed websites for small corporates and enterprise levels. With so many functionalities provided in Laravel, it is easier to say that developers enjoy curating different functionalities for the bespoke requirements of our clients. Simply send us in your requirements and we will get back in touch with you. We are also available at the weekends!

Core PHP Development

Core PHP is the raw form of PHP. It requires no extra library; however, it also means that the developer needs to have a firm grasp of the concepts of it. It’s a server-side scripting language that can create stunning dynamic web pages. The need to have a firm command over it essentially helps the developer to save a lot of time and be less dependent on libraries.

Opt for a full website Core PHP development or hourly basis Core PHP work. Our groundbreaking PHP solutions help in user engagement and therefore increase the possibility of lead conversions.

Perfect for all niches

No matter what your niche is, Core PHP can create stunning and complex functionalities. Core PHP offers reliability, security and is incredibly efficient both in operation and management. Our aim is to curate peculiar functionalities that can be engaging for your website traffic.

Customized CMS Development

CMSs are an essential aspect of almost every website today. We can incorporate CMS advancements that will organize and retain your data according to your industry need.

Fast page loading

Core PHP, and in even the framework of PHP, offers excellent speedier page loading times than other platforms. Faster page loading times are a must for gaining SEO rankings.

Minimal Cost and Maintenance charges

While the total cost and maintenance quotes depend a lot on the complexity of the functionalities, it is safe that developing them on CorePHP might cost you significantly less. And that means that the maintenance charges would be less too. Moreover, it has great compatibility with different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and UNIX.

SEO friendly

All our Core PHP websites are made SEO- friendly. An SEO- friendly website gets the attention of crawlers and therefore requires less intervention from the admin for making changes to the code during On Page. Dynamic scripting can be done which sets the SEO parameters like Meta Title and Meta Description. With the help of an SEO-friendly site, your organic rankings will gain significant improvement over the course of months.

Why HireSEOExperts for Core PHP Website development?

CorePHP has always been one of our favorite platforms over the years. Mastering on it ensures we become even more proficient with PHP frameworks.

Transforming key functionalities and complex ideas is challenging on CorePHP but the platform offers tons of advantages. Our skilled developers are well abreast of not only the CorePHP but also the other PHP frameworks, along with CMSs and other e-commerce solutions. Simply let us know your bespoke requirements and we will give you insights about it.

Our Core PHP web development services are budget-friendly and offer easy scalability, robustness and the aim is to maximize user engagement. Our Core PHP Programmers, Core PHP developers, PHP experts can provide immense expertise for your website and portals. We also do the following

  • Core PHP development
  • pen Source CMS Customization
  • CMS PHP OWebsite Development
  • Cake PHP website development
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Ruby on Rails website development


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