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Website Copywriting

Our team of copywriting is proficient in crafting a powerful impression of your business on potential customers. Also, it helps in improved search results ranking along with phenomenal benefits. Professional website content writing services are crucial in engaging the customers.

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Blog Writing

Drive more traffic to your website, better positioning of the business to generate more leads all through our blog writing service. Our team of blog writers understand business, requirements and conducts well research on a vast range to write the best blog post for you.

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Social Media Content

Our team creates content for social media platforms as per the targeted audience and business requirements. Also, they manage it from time to time, in case any update needed or the fresh content on the basis of audits and reviews to get more traffic to your site and creates more brand awareness.

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Article Writing

To build a content-rich and Google-friendly article it is more important to understand the targeted audience and to research well on the topic. Our team specializes in writing the articles in which the content is SEO optimized and drives the fruitful results for the business.

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Wide Range of

Web Content Writing Services

Web Content Writing

Are you frustrated for not able to convert your site’s traffic into the conversions? Do you find your website serving thousands of visitors at any moment of time in Google analytics without people clicking the Call to Action button?

If yes, then we would explain why you are facing such a scenario and what can be done about it.

Contrary to the popular belief, creating valuable content takes time and effort that ensures relevant content is served to your audiences. While there is no dearth of content developers and curators, the need of the hour is to make the content relatable to your particular demography.

With Rewathi’s Web Content writing service, we take a lot of measures for creating web content. They are: –

Doing the keyword research: –

We take a disciplined approach to find the relevant keywords for the particular page. This takes time and we take help of a lot of tools like the SEMrush and Moz. The right keywords attract the spiders of search engines to crawl your webpages.

Preparing content according to the layout: – 

While we may have a lot of content on our hand, it is of no value if it doesn’t fit into the existing layout. Changing the layout is time-consuming and expensive and we do not suggest it to our clients if it severely restricts our ability to include quality content and data. The challenge therefore in such scenarios is to present the information with less no. of words.

Blank spaces: –

Too much textual and image content can be overwhelming for the buyer and this causes them to exit the page. A content which is readable is digestible.

Using fewer words to convey the intent: –

The world has become impatient. We are living in times, where the initial impressions need to seal the deal. Your readers consume only 28% of your entire web page which makes it imperative for your content to come straight to the point for which the user has landed onto your page.

Why Rewathi for Web Page Content?

Jotting down the words is merely an outlet for the acquired information about your businesses. We focus on informative content which serves a purpose to the reader. We take immense pride in our research and analysis, no matter what the industry is. We curate data and charts that satiates the information as searched by the reader on your website. Once we have got a stronghold around the information, we then refine and polish it with highly engaging words which makes the webpage worth sharing.


SEO Content Writing Services

Producing an SEO optimized content is far from keyword stuffing. It was a technique that served well until 2012. However, Google has evolved the algorithm of its search engine, much to the benefit of searchers. And therefore, producing an SEO optimized content has never been more challenging than today.

You could achieve a ton of traffic and still witness only a couple of lead conversions. This happens all the time because the reader doesn’t engage with your content and therefore does not buy your product and services. Only a seasoned SEO writer knows how to effectively jot down the pros of your product so that it matches the user intent.

At Rewathi, we create the following types of content
  1. SEO Optimized content
  2. Linkbait content
  3. Informative Content
  4. Promotional Content
  5. Case studies
  6. Press Releases
  7. Newsletter and email letters
When producing content, we take care of the following
Relevancy: –

There is no bigger turn off for the reader if the content is not relevant to his search query, for which he came from the search engine. Google has time and again stated that it ranks the content according to the relevancy. And the relevancy is determined by the users. The lower the bounce rate, the higher the content will gain rankings.

Readability: –

It is extremely important to make the content readable so that users can process the information easily. Most people click the dreaded red-colored “X” button on the extreme upper right corner of their screen if they are not able to digest the information due to its formatting.

Keeping the SEO parameters in mind: –

Internal linking, tags, keywords in the first hundred words are some of the SEO tactics that get the attention of the crawlers. Apart from that, we use images, GIFS, animated videos to make the content extremely engaging with the reader.


Blog Writing

Blogs are witnessing an inexorable rise these days and are playing a vital role in the search engine rankings. Blog writing has evolved over a period of years, and these days, the differences between them and the article writing are shrinking rapidly.

Needless to say but writing more blogs is the sure-shot way of outranking your competitor in all avenues of Digital marketing. So if you are contemplating about choosing the right blog writing services for your business, we will give you five factors to consider.

Writing content on unexplored content: –

The purpose of your blog is to educate the relevant masses and demographic. And this is why choosing the right topic is extremely crucial.

No matter what your industry is, it doesn’t yield any benefit to cover a topic which has already trended on thousands of time on a gazillion websites. The key for acquiring more traffic is to discover topics of high search volumes of which there is inadequate information on the web. Ask your company about how they go about choosing the right topic.

Facts and figures: –

If you want high traffic onto your blog, then it has to be worth sharing. A very simple yet effective way of acquiring backlinks from high DA PA websites is to curate numerical data. When filtering out the blog writing services, ask them whether they can handle curate interesting statistics from the already available data of your industry. There are a couple of other ways to acquire backlinks, which we will not share here!

Keeping the SEO factors in mind: –

Great blog writers take care of all the SEO factors. These include the likes of internal linking, pictures, images, GIFs.

Using the jargons: –

Jargons reflect an authoritative view on your blogs. And this is why we at Rewathi, regularly include them in all our blogs.

Why choose Rewathi for Blog Writing Services?

We have been serving blogs for clients of varied industries. Not only it has helped them to engage audiences with our informative content, but it has notched- up their SEO rankings too. Blogs are the cost-effective way of achieving high-quality traffic and rankings too. Our blog writing services are purely factual and get backlinking from high DA and PA websites.


Product Description And Reviews Writing Services

Contrary to the popular belief, product description and reviews writing are quite a challenging task. The ability to demonstrate the value proposition of a product to the potential client requires a high degree of relevancy, engaging words and authenticity. These days, e-commerce retailers are in a dire need of quality product description writers.

They acknowledge that a quality product description can make or break a sale. More often than not, consumers are not motivated enough to buy the product or service as the words do not arouse their emotions. A compelling product description gives a brief overview of the product, its features, and the value it brings to the table.

So how we deal with product descriptions? At Rewathi, our product description strategy revolves around the following key points.

Identifying the audience and their psychology: –

It is imperative to find out about the audience and its psychology regarding the intended product. The more you can decipher and articulate their emotions for a particular product, the more engaging your words will be.

Relevancy: –

Relevancy matter in all spheres of life. A good writer highlights the relevancy of a product in the day to day life of a consumer and jots down compelling reasons to buy it. Relevancy involves a product’s features, its pros, and cons (subtle way), stand out advantages, and the cost and maintenance expenses.

Decoding the technical aspects into layman language: –

Buyers are rarely interested in knowing the scientific terminology and jargons used for describing products. They want to understand its meaning and the effect it would have. For e.g. consumers looking to buy mobiles may not understand the efficacy and processing capabilities solely by reading “1. 6 GHz Octa-core processor”. This is where one has to decode the relevancy and impact of the of 1. 6 GHz Octa-core processor upon things like gaming, power consumption, and graphics.

Format: –

While technical gadgets are best conveyed by bullet points, items like clothing, furniture often requires storytelling in paragraph form. While informative content draws the attention of the buyer, the promotional content compels him to buy.

Images: –

Sometimes, images justify the quality of products more than the words. Therefore, try to incorporate them wherever it deems necessary. Information should be presented in a simplified manner which the reader can comprehend.

Reviews Writing

When it comes to reviews, we strictly abide by the pros and cons of a product and give our unbiased view. We believe in highlighting the prominent features and services which caters to a large section of people. Needless to say, we put our heart into getting familiar with the product, its advantages, disadvantages, and relevancy; and based on that we jot down words.



Marketing Sales Copywriting

No matter how good your product or service, it won’t intrigue the reader and compel him to buy it. Too many sales copies are floating on the Internet which are uninspiring and turns off the consumers. Sales copy and copywriting are challenging as they require jotting down fewer but interest-evoking words. And this is where our marketing and sales copywriting services come to serve you.

Complex dynamic factors for coming up with impressive and persuasive headlines

It’s no secret that the title needs to be attention-grabbing. It needs to be relevant for the trending market which lures the reader to know more about the product or service. The headline should sum up the information that the user is about to read in the paragraph. It needs to arouse eagerness and curiosity in the mind of the reader.

So what’s our recipe to create an attention-grabbing sales post?

Deciphering the sentiment: –

People associate a product or service with a certain emotion like trust, high value for money, trendiness and more. Our intent is always to know the emotions that sway the majority of potential targets. Based on that, we jot down compelling words for the title and also for the posts.

Fewer but thought-provoking and impactful words: –

A good sales copy stays away from irrelevant words and data. People are evolving to be more impatient year after year. The aim is to gauge the interest of the reader right from the word go and to propose the right words. The sales copy should be precise and to the point. No beating around the bush.

Easy to read and comprehend: –

Using too high vocab and jargon is a big turn off for an average buyer. You may include some real classy vocabulary words for the speech of politicians and delegates at the United Nations General Assembly, but when it comes to sales copy, simple, engaging and compelling words do the trick.

Consider the example of Apple’s IPhone5 headlines. It says” The biggest thing to happen to the iPhone is the iPhone”. Do you find any tech-savvy word, jargon or a word recently inducted into the Oxford dictionary?

Technical details: –

Technical details make you look authoritative. It earns the trust of the reader and compels him to buy your product or at least enquire about it. Talking about the details can help you earn buyers along with Brand Reputation.

Our words accentuate your value proposition in the market

Are you looking to boost your sales? Do you have a product that offers significant value for its money but require an effective copywriting? Then we are here to help you.


Business Content Writing

On most occasions, any business at the initial upfront, requires funding. Now when it comes to presenting the value proposition of your business model to the venture capitalists, it is vitally imperative to state facts and relevant information which captures their interest. In order for them to by your stakes in the market, they need to invest in your vision. In short, your business model presentation needs to persuade the VCs for funding.

So how do you exhibit a high growth potential of your business to the VC? That’s where our Business content writing can help you. At Rewathi, we keep the following factors in mind while preparing your proposal for funding.

Research and value proposition: –

Research based on facts, sentiments, and perception are critical to persuading someone to fund your business. Although we may require a helping hand to familiarize ourselves with your technical innovations, when it comes to researching the data, we are miles ahead of others.

Our research and analysis team has the skills and expertise to acquire data that supports your business model. Charts, statistics, images, key influencers are all important aspects of our research which we thoroughly cover them while preparing reports.

The need in the market: –

The success for every business lies in the need of its product in the market. Projecting that market demand to a VC can be difficult at times. We do that convincingly based on our research and awareness about that product and service.

Growth forecasts and upscaling costs, maintenance: –

Growth is paramount to profits. The ability to predict the growth near accurately will help you to acquire VCs with ease. Information like upscaling costs and maintenance should also be included.

Including relevant information: –

Although we might not be full-time growth-hackers, our insights can be extremely profound and helps to convince the reader about the need for your product in the market.

Decoding the technicalities and jargon into layman terms: –

Your business proposal needs to depict a clear concise understanding. While technical details and jargon are helpful to give you an authoritative look, it should be decoded in layman’s term which helps the VCs to get an idea about your business products.

Need to pitch your business proposal?

At Rewathi, we do it all the time. We create sophisticated reports compromising of extremely relevant information about your niche industry that helps you to convince the investor. In short, we do all the hard work in exchange for a very cost-effective remuneration. We are available on weekends too. Get in touch with us!


Academic Content Writing

There is no doubt that Academic writing is a time-consuming and exhaustive process. To most students, the task of writing the academic assignments is quite synonymous with despise and boring work; while at the same time, finding a reputed writer in the same domain is notoriously difficult. Until now!

Whether a tight deadline is lurking over your head, or you are looking to attend the summer party which you have been waiting for months, we have your back covered!

We have writers that possess tremendous expertise in most of the prominent bachelor and undergraduate courses. We assign your work to writers who are well qualified in your respective field and understand the given topic thoroughly.

Rewathi’s Academic writing is factual, filled with expert answers, reliable, plagiarized free and on time. We get you the “A” grades and might even make your professors commend you for the excellent work. The assignment answers are written solely for you and never copy-pasted from other references.

So why choose Rewathi for Academic writing?

Expertise: –

We do not accept assignments of a niche for which we do not have the writers. Plain and simple. This saves a lot of time both for the students and us. All our writers are well versed in their domains and have at least a couple of years of experience.

Relevancy: –

We understand the gravity of the situation when you assign your work to us. Our writers make sure that all the answers are written according to the instructions with the utmost relevance. Images, statistics, data, charts and other relevant information are included wherever it seems necessary.

We communicate: –

We do acknowledge that we might need a helping hand sometimes in order to get references, data, charts and other relevant information which helps our writer to jot down words for that “A grade deserving“ When the need calls, we do communicate with you. There are sometimes ambiguous questions for which we do communicate to understand the dynamics of the question.

On-time delivery: –

We rarely make compromises on the quality of content and we deliver it right on time. No exceptions! We understand the consequences of submitting the assignment late and therefore delivers the assignment well before the stipulated deadline.

Excellent grades: –

We promise that our academic writing work will give earn you the desired grades. We take a lot of measures in proofreading, checking the relevant information and other nitty-gritty stuff that justifies our remunerations.

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